University of Westminster Journalism BA

The University of Westminster gives you the opportunity to pursue a three-year bachelor’s degree in Journalism at their Harrow campus in North-West London. Due to its central location, you would have the ability to explore London’s historic museums and vast libraries, as well as the chance to delve deeper into the history of journalism in London. The curriculum focuses primarily on teaching you online and cross-media skills that can be used regardless which media-based career you go into. Core classes for the program will teach you about online journalism, production techniques, research strategies, and different social and cultural uses for media. You will also be able to choose from a variety of electives in order to focus your studies on your chosen area of interest. Some electives offered include: Scriptwriting for Media, Transmedia Practices, and Talk Radio. Between your second and third year at Westminster you will be expected to obtain first-hand work experience in your desired field, with the help of Westminster staff. The University places heavy emphasis on helping you find work following graduation. Experienced faculty will assist you in securing a job with the help of a professional network of over 3,000 employers. The university boasts an 86% employment rate for students post-graduation.

Visit: University of Westminster Journalism BA.

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