National University of Singapore Department of Communications and New Media

The Department of Communications and New Media (CNM) prides itself on offering an integrated and multidisciplinary approach to teaching its journalism students. You will be taught to produce strongly researched and well-written works, but will also be encouraged to learn the basics of visual design and digital media production. This all-encompassing approach helps to produce journalists who are capable of delivering the “full package” in a converging media world. You may choose to pursue both graduate and undergraduate studies in the areas of Communications and New Media, while taking electives tailored to your specific interests. CNM provides you with a unique opportunity to learn more about journalism from an Asian perspective. Located in Singapore, one of the top global trade cities of the world, CNM is strategically positioned to allow for the study and integration of Asian culture and thought into the realm of global journalism.

Visit: National University of Singapore Department of Communications and New Media.

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