Columbia Journalism School

Based in New York, Columbia Journalism School offers an impressive array of programs for students who desire to pursue anything from a fundamental understanding of journalism to an in-depth study of journalism in a particular field. As a student you will have the ability to choose to pursue either an M.S. degree (for those who have less than three years of professional journalism experience) or an M.A. degree (for students who have had three to fifteen years of experience). If you join the M.S. program you will gain experience not only in the classroom, but also on the streets of New York; you will begin reporting from day one. As an M.A. student you will choose one of four concentrations for your studies: Arts and Culture, Business and Economics, Politics and Global Affairs, or Science and Medicine. You will then launch into an in-depth study of how journalism is done in that particular field. Regardless of which degree you pursue, you will be working under the guidance of professionals who have years of experience in journalistic media. Classroom sizes are small, allowing for more academic dialogue with both professors and other students. Columbia pushes its students to work hard and to maintain their superior standards in all areas of journalism, including quality and ethics.

Visit: Columbia Journalism School.

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