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Finding Business Stories

Finding Business Stories

What does a business journalist cover?

Business journalists look for meaningful subjects that impact business affairs, at both a commercial and individual level. This could mean reporting on sweeping new laws and regulations affecting business people, or routine daily activity on the market exchanges. Any person, place, issue, trend, idea, or event that impacts business interests could be news-worthy. Almost all newspapers, TV, radio stations, and magazines have a business section, but some broadcasts, magazines, newspapers, and websites are devoted exclusively to covering business and financial topics.


How does a business journalist find interesting topics?

The simplest way is to keep track of the hot topics online or from other business sources. Events like corporate mergers, tax issues, or new technology may have implications other journalists didn’t cover. It’s important to know what’s already in the news and to keep up with current business trends and concerns.

Some business journalists will find interesting topics in local news and adapt them to a wider audience. For instance, a local farmer may have filed a lawsuit against the government that could have national significance for agriculture. Many topics reveal themselves in the course of following other news stories. Occasionally stories can be suggested through networking with business people locally or online. This can bring up important issues like fraud or sky-high pricing that merit further investigation. Insiders may be talking about some billionaire’s fantastic plans for the future that the world should know about.

Oher business journalists will specialize in certain areas based on their own skills, knowledge, and experience, such as technology or automotive manufacturing. Established journalists will also likely receive tips or ideas from those with an inspirational personal story to tell or a dark secret to reveal.


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