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Comeback of Long-Form Journalism

December 8, 2018

Long-Form Journalism makes a surprising comeback. In today’s world of digital communication, we have adopted a short-hand writing style. Facebook acronyms like BFF and LOL are common substitutes for complete phrases. Twitter messages are limited to 140 characters. The vast majority of articles published on the web range from only 500 to 700 words in…

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Solutions Instead of Problems Focus

November 15, 2018

Solutions journalism is a new genre of journalism. According to, it’s defined as a rigorous, compelling way of reporting about responses to social issues. Solutions journalism looks into and clearly explains how people are working towards solutions for social problems. In addition to reporting about what tactics are working, solutions journalism also reports how…

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Tell Your Stories Digitally

October 21, 2018

Most people have already experienced digital storytelling in one form or another. Digital storytelling is a multimedia approach to storytelling which uses narrative, music, pictures and/or video which are put together in a sequence to relate an experience or idea. It combines traditional elements of the oral and literary tradition while integrating current digital technologies…

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Crowdsourcing in Journalism

September 17, 2018

“Crowdsourcing”, which is a portmanteau of the words “crowd” and “outsourcing”, refers to obtaining ideas, content, or funds (the latter of which is known as “crowdfunding”) by requesting contributions from large group of people, often from an online community. Crowdsourcing has a lot of practical applications, including astronomy, project funding, agriculture, gene research, and especially…

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Non-Profit Journalism as an Alternate Future?

August 10, 2018

The phenomenal rise of online journalism has led to a marked decrease in circulation and advertising revenues of traditional print media. As a result, a number of newspapers and magazines have even been forced to declare bankruptcy. As journalism is a vital component of a democratic society, traditional print media outlets continue to search for…

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Content Curation in Journalism

July 15, 2018

Curation in journalism is a gathering of articles or content together, then publication of that content within one primary resource for readers. Curation involves three main steps: Collection of potential content from different writers, creative talents and resources, such as online materials or journalists in the field Analysis of the content to determine most ethical…

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Slow Journalism for Turbulent Times?

June 10, 2018

In today’s digital world information is passed around quickly, with everyone trying to beat the competition to the finish line and report the incident first. Readers also fall into this trap, finding a snippet of information on any given news incident and then quickly moving on to the next. In the midst of all this…

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Contextual Journalism or “Just the Facts”?

May 10, 2018

The phrase “Just the facts, please,” or some variation on it appears in countless film noir and mystery stories. It’s a call by the detective for the witness to present only circumstantial facts, not adding any personal bias or opinion to the testimony. While that works for fiction, it may not be so cut-and-dried in…

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Risks of Augmented Reality in Journalism

April 17, 2018

Make no question: There’s a lot of hype on the subject of augmented reality—especially when it comes to video games and other forms of user-driven entertainment. In order to assess the risks associated with augmented reality, it’s key to first have a working understanding with the core principles of the concept. Augmented reality—abbreviated shorthand to…

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Chances of Augmented Reality in Journalism

March 10, 2018

There is a lot of hype in the media right now about augmented reality, especially when it comes to interactive video games and entertainment industry. In fact, augmented reality is even being used to market business brands today. Augmented reality can even play a part in the field of journalism too. But first, for those…

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