Personalized News Portals

A printed newspaper and even an online magazine has a determined set of articles in a fixed order. Next-generation news portals promise to be more personalized:


Apple News

Apple News advertises they collect all the stories you want to read from the top news sources based only topics you’re most interested in. By combining these news links under one Apple app, you no longer need to move from one app to another in order to stay well informed on current and pertinent news stories

Apple News brings the same quality editorial layouts and typography of print media to your mobile screen enriched with videos, photo galleries and animation. Stories are optimized for both iPhone and iPad, enabling you to have a great reading experience regardless of which mobile device you are using.

The huge selection of topics available on Apple News from top news organizations and independent publishers lets the user choose the subjects they want you add as their favorites. From business to technology, fashion, sports, entertainment, politics and many more, there is a wide selection of topics available to entertain and inform.

The more you read, the better Apple News is able to pin down your reading interests and refine the relevant stories they deliver to your screen that are relevant to you. Apple News stays on top of the stories you’re interested in so you can stay on top of them too.

Keeping you up to date on stories you follow is one of their prime goals. Using publications like Bloomberg, CNN, ESPN and Wired, they are constantly feeding you stories that interest you. You can always use the edit function at any time to remove those topics you no longer care about.




Blendle, a Dutch company, is a web news platform that gathers new articles from a variety of newspapers and magazines and sells them on the internet on a pay-per-article basis. It is often called the “news iTunes” because of the reader’s ability to choose a single article from a publication to read and pay for rather than have to pay for the total content.

Originally launched with 56 publishers in their stable, Blendle now has agreements with over 100 publishers. Most of their content providers are Dutch and German newspapers and magazines. Recently several Belgian newspapers and magazines were added as well several English language newspapers and magazines. In September 2015, Blendle expanded outside its Dutch boarders and is now available in Germany with content being supplied by 37 German publishers.

With over 450,000 users, Blendle has secured a loyal fan base interested in quality journalism. The web news service has retained these users by implementing a modest pay-per-article policy backup with an instant, guaranteed refund policy.
Blendle offers articles from the very best newspapers in the Netherlands, Germany, and the United States. Titles include The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Die Zeit, Frankfurter Allgemeine, and De Telegraaf.

Now users can purchase complete issues of their favorite papers or magazines at a price cheaper than the newsstand price. Blendle likes to claim they “never abuse dead trees,” in a gentle dig at the newsprint paper industry.

Previous issues of their top contributors like the New York Times are also available in their archives section.


Facebook Instant Articles

Facebook Instant Articles was launched in May 2015 by Facebook as another conduit for publishers to make their work available on the internet. The company currently works with a few hundred companies who make their content available on Facebook in order to creating an immersive reading experience for its Facebook users.

Facebook is working to make this program available to any publisher of any size on a global basis. First, however, the company needs to greatly reduce the load time for these news articles in order for publishers to reach their audiences faster and easier

Expansion should lead to better reader engagement with mobile-friendly content and favorable revenue sharing agreements. Facebook knows, however, their ability to manage the quality of the news content it receives is of the upmost importance to the overall success of the Facebook Instant Articles program.



Upday is a web news service that locates the news and stories that are of specific interest to you. Using algorithm technology, Upday sorts through the news from hundreds of sources, filters them and forwards only those stories that you show a preferred interest in.

Beginning from your very interaction with Upday, you will be asked questions about the topics you like to read about. Your selections enable Upday to identify what you like or hate and find interesting or boring. With this knowledge, it then combines together only those news items that you have an interest in and forwards it to you in one content stream.

As in any process of this type, the more you use Upday the more refined and pertinent your reading becomes. In essence, Upday provides your own personalized news stream with content that’s relevant only to you.

If your interests change, Upday will change with you. During the course of your daily personalized stream, the editors occasionally add surprise articles. With their algorithm science, they can tell if you like the added articles or show no interest and can adjust the variety of news article they stream to you accordingly. You can also adjust and refine your preferences on your own any time you want.

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