University of Missouri School of Journalism

Walter Williams established the School of Journalism in 1908 with the intent of creating a school for improving the quality of journalism worldwide. Today, his mission is still the school’s primary focus. If you decide to attend the School of Journalism, you can choose to focus your studies on one of six major areas including Convergence Journalism, Magazine Journalism, Photojournalism, Print and Digital News, Radio-Television Journalism, and Strategic Communication. After choosing your general focus, you then get to choose from over thirty different interest areas on which to focus your studies so that the degree you graduate with is one specifically designed to fit your career path. Their graduate program offers a variety of different study plans, including several that are geared specifically towards journalism and law, for students who are interested in going into legal reporting. The school also provides opportunity for you to experience a media internship in either Washington D.C. or New York City. The program is offered year-round; during spring, summer, and fall semesters.

Visit: University of Missouri School of Journalism.

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