Penn State College of Communications

Penn State established its Department of Journalism in 1930 and began offering graduate studies in journalism in 1954. In 2014 the department was ranked as the second-best in the nation. As a student you will choose between one of three different specialties: broadcast, print, or photojournalism. Regardless which specialty you choose, you will receive a thorough education in multimedia storytelling as a part of the course. The Department of Journalism puts emphasis on the importance of ethics and professionalism, producing graduates who have learned to respect not only the craft, but also the public to whom they are writing. Penn State’s primary goal in offering an undergraduate degree in Journalism is to prepare students to enter their chosen field with a valuable skill set. In 2014 the college was ranked second for having the best Career Services. Some graduates have even gone on to work for big names in the industry, including: abcNews, ESPN, The New York Times, People, and The Washington Post. In addition to their standard journalism curriculum, Penn State also offers students the chance to join the John Curley Center for Sports Journalism. This program allows students to gain first-hand experience in the field of sports journalism by reporting on games for over 31 different varsity teams.

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