Moody College of Communication

The mission of the Moody College of Communication (a branch of the University of Texas at Austin) is to train up future journalists who will not just react to the news happening around them, but also strive to lead and innovate within the realm of journalism. The school seeks to blend a traditional foundation of research, critical thinking, and writing with the modern technologies offered in today’s newsrooms. As an undergraduate you will take a variety of classes that teach the essentials of both print and digital journalism. You will also be required to partake in a professional internship prior to graduation. The graduate program allows you to work closely with your professors to tailor-make your education to fit the journalistic medium that you want to work in. The school also offers an extensive doctorate program, which helps students learn how to teach the art of journalism at a college-level. Doctorate students also participate in extensive research conducted by the school to learn more about how journalism has changed and will continue to change in the future. As a student you will also have access to the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History—a museum with a series of archives dedicated specifically to media history.

Visit: Moody College of Communication.

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