Medill School of Journalism

The Medill School of Journalism believes in using its “excellent faculty, quality students, forward-looking leaders, and outstanding alumni” to build a school that stands out above the rest. The school was named after Joseph P. Medill, a famous newspaper editor and publisher for the Chicago Tribune. Although the school is based in Evanston, Illinois, students have the opportunity to travel to either of its two newsroom locations in Chicago and Washington D. C. As of July 2016, Medill has opened another school in San Francisco, California. If you choose to attend Medill School of Journalism you will be able to pursue either a graduate or undergraduate degree. As an undergraduate you may take advantage of their exclusive journalism experiences ranging anywhere from a journalism residency in Latin America or Qatar, to their Medill on the Hill program which encourages budding journalists to pursue original stories in the nation’s Capitol. The school also hosts a program entitled the Medill Justice Project, in which you can research and examine potentially wrongful convictions and criminal-justice issues. Medill’s graduate program offers even more programs and experiences including working in their Washington or Chicago newsrooms, joining the Global Residency program, and taking a week off from classes to travel with Medill faculty and staff to practice journalism in different parts of the world. The school also offers you the chance to compete for several different journalism awards to cap off your time at Medill School of Journalism.

Visit: Medill School of Journalism.

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