London School of Journalism

The London School of Journalism offers multiple journalism classes that can be taken in one of two formats: online or face-to-face. You will also be given the option between daytime and evening classes, which will allow you to choose an academic program that fits with your schedule. The school has been producing well-informed and effective journalists since it was established in 1920. LSJ provides three-month postgraduate courses that will help you gain practical experience in the areas of freelance journalism, feature writing, interviewing, and maintaining a journalistic blog or website. In addition to their postgraduate classes, LSJ also offers distance learning courses for students outside of London, and even around the world. The classes are taught by successful, qualified journalists and creative writers who desire to share their expertise with their students. LSJ also offers a four-week summer program for students who are unable to attend during the traditional school year. The London School of Journalism has successfully trained students who have later gone on to work for big-name companies such as LexisNexis, JPMorgan, CNN, BBC and others.

Visit: London School of Journalism.

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