Lomonosov Moscow State University Faculty of Journalism

While the Faculty of Journalism was formed in 1952, the University itself has a rich history reaching back to 1755 when Empress Elizabeth first established it. The Faculty of Journalism is renowned as “one of Russia’s leading institutions for the education of journalists and specialists in public relations.” The Faculty has thirteen different departments ranging anywhere in subject from Media Theory and Economics, to the History of Russian Literature and Journalism. Each department maintains its own list of majors offered at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Lomonosov University prides itself on partnering with other prestigious universities all over the world, allowing you to travel and study under different faculty and teaching methods, while still earning credit towards your degree. They offer both full-time programs for exchange students, and a short-term English-speaking program focused on Russian Media and Journalism. The Faculty also publishes several different scholarly journals in the Russian language, which will allow you to study and keep up with the changing trends of media and journalism today.

Visit: Lomonosov Moscow State University Faculty of Journalism.

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