JSchool Brisbane

JSchool was established in Brisbane, Australia in 2001 with the primary goal of providing students with a vocational course to prepare them for entry-level jobs in the area of journalism and news media. The school prides itself on offering you an alternative course of study that will help you to enter the workforce faster than most university students. The primary course offered at JSchool is the Diploma of Journalism, which can be taken online through either a part-time (two-year) program, or a full-time (one-year) program. Regular class meetings are also offered face-to-face in some of Australia’s major cities. At JSchool, you will be encouraged to view yourself as a “trainee journalist” rather than just a “college student.” Because it is a vocational school, the student body is made up of a wide variety of people; some have been to universities, while others have just graduated from high school. Whatever your background may be, you will be challenged to be inquisitive, passionate, and fully devoted to the world of journalism. In your classes you will receive intensive training in both reporting and writing methods. You will also be taught technical skills that will help you in your career, including shorthand. Along with official classroom training, you will receive advice and mentorship from skilled journalists, as well as work placements with respected newspapers. A few things that make JSchool unique are its national accreditation and its commitment to providing its students with free textbooks.

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