Harvard Extension School Journalism Courses

The Extension School was founded in 1910 as an alternative education program for individuals who wanted to attend a university but were unable to fit their schedules to that of a traditional institution. Harvard Extension School offers quality, affordable classes that can be taken either online or at their campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts. They offer a traditional Liberal Arts undergraduate degree in which you can focus your studies in the area of journalism, while at the same time receiving a thorough education in other necessary fields. Although the undergraduate program covers the basics of journalism, it also provides you with the chance to go deeper with unique classes including: First-Person Journalism, Writing and Reporting About Race and Class, and Writing About Food. The Harvard Extension School also offers a Masters in Journalism degree, which includes twelve courses that can be taken either online or on campus. In addition to earning a degree, you can also choose to pursue a Graduate Certificate in any number of supplemental fields including: Web Technologies, International Relations, Philosophy and Ethics, and Visual Arts. Each Graduate Certificate only requires you to take three to five courses, and will give you valuable insight into specialized areas that may help you in pursuing your future career.

Visit: Harvard Extension School Journalism Courses.

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