ESJ Paris

Founded between 1896 and 1899, ESJ claims to be the first established journalism school in the world. If you desire to become a global journalist, you will have the added benefit of being taught in several different languages, including French, English, and Arabic. They offer two different programs: the first is a two-year program offering specific training in journalism as a discipline, the second is more exclusive and is a fifteen month study in one of four specialized areas. If you enroll in the second program, you will be allowed to choose between General Journalism, Sports Journalism, Audio-Visual Journalism and Reporting, or Bilingual Journalism. All students are required to undergo at least a two-month newsroom internship. As a first or second year student, you will also have the opportunity to attend a professional conference once a week in which you’ll get to hear stories from experienced journalists and ask them any questions you might have about their work or experiences in the field. ESJ Paris is unique in that it allows you to study the art of journalism through the lens of European culture. You will not only receive a strong foundation in journalism, but also a deeper understanding of European politics, religion, and journalistic history. ESJ has also recently begun offering e-classes for English-speaking students who are unable to move to France, but still wish to receive the same teaching that is offered in their Paris location.

Visit: ESJ Paris.

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