Centre for Advancing Journalism

This journalism program was established in 2009 by the University of Melbourne, and is located in Melbourne, Australia. The University itself was founded in 1853 and has been ranked among the top 50 universities in the world. The Centre for Advancing Journalism (CAJ) looks towards the future of journalism and seeks to find ways to innovate and use the rapidly changing field to make news media even greater than it is now. The university offers a Master of Journalism program that works in league with CAJ, helping you to learn the basics of journalism in various forms of media. You will be expected to have already earned an undergraduate degree (in any field) before attempting the 1-2 year program, which is available to both domestic and international students. The CAJ will also help you to gain practical journalism experience by publishing your works in the Centre’s student and faculty run newspaper, The Citizen. You will be encouraged to pursue internships either in Australia or abroad during your time there. The CAJ focuses primarily on researching the recent changes in news media and looking for innovative ways to teach their students how to thrive in the world of journalism despite its rapidly changing face.

Visit: Centre for Advancing Journalism.

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