The Center for Applied Literary and Scientific Studies (CELSA) is a branch of Paris-Sorbonne University, located in the West of Paris. CELSA’s Journalism program was founded in 1979 and offers you the opportunity to pursue a general education in the journalistic arts. The program focuses primarily on developing “cultural, critical, and professional skills” that will prepare you to hit the ground running after graduation. Their teaching method combines both classroom teaching with practical experience in related fields so that you have opportunity to practice the things that you learn before leaving school. CELSA’s programs are very rigorous, and will require you to express full commitment to both the program and your own desire to learn. Classroom sizes are small and average about 25 students, which will allow you to interact more personally with your professors. You will also be encouraged to study or intern abroad for at least one semester in order to gain more hands-on experience. Above all, CELSA prides itself on its ability to integrate academic teaching with professional experience, which will better equip you for finding a job following graduation. 80% of students who graduate from CELSA are able to secure a job within three months.

Visit: CELSA.

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