Boston University College of Communication

Boston University offers you the opportunity to pursue either an Undergraduate or Graduate program in journalism with a firm liberal arts foundation. One of their chief goals is provide you with an understanding of the history, law, and ethics of journalism, while at the same time giving you the chance to study whichever area of journalism interests you most. You can choose to focus your undergraduate studies on Online Journalism, Broadcasting Journalism, Magazine Journalism, Photojournalism, or simply standard Journalism. The school also offers multiple programs and internship opportunities with local news organizations that will allow you to get real news coverage experience before you even graduate.

BU College of Communication also gives you the unique opportunity to pursue a Master’s degree in Science Journalism. For students who prefer to work in the scientific or medical realm, you can take classes that will equip you with the skills necessary for effective research, writing, and analysis. In addition, BU College of Communication has award-winning faculty and alumni who are currently advancing their own journalism careers while simultaneously offering valuable advice and mentorship to the university students.

Visit: Boston University College of Communication.

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