Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute

Located in New York City, this institution prides itself on being at the very center of the media world. Here, you have the opportunity to connect with major news networks, magazines, and newspapers, and to pursue internships that will help to further your future career in journalism. This school specializes in teaching its students the basics of journalism (research, writing, and reporting), but it also provides an extensive study of journalistic history and media criticism. It offers both undergraduate and graduate programs.

The Journalism Institute firmly believes that journalists should be well versed not only in the area of journalism, but also in other areas of study. As a result, when studying as an undergraduate you are required to declare a double major in both journalism and another field of your choice. The school also houses its own publishing platform for both students and faculty.

The Institute boasts a regular faculty of experienced writers and journalists, as well as a part-time faculty of well-known professionals who are currently working as journalists both in NYC and all over the world. The school also offers an international in-field reporting program for masters students, giving you the opportunity to travel abroad and practice your reporting skills in real-time.

Visit: Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute.

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